Faithful Air Heating & Duct Cleaning Service is an HVAC company in New Braunfels, TX that specializes in keeping your air flow running and at the right temperature throughout the year. As a heating and air conditioning contractor with a stellar reputation, Faithful Air Heating & Duct Cleaning Service believes in providing the best service possible to all customers and ensures that a repair or installation is done right the first time.

  • For heating, we offer furnace repair and service, heat pump repair and service as well as installation to keep your home heated in the winter.
  • For cooling, we offer A/C repairs , ac service and installation to cool things down under the hot summer sun.
  • Additionally, we offer an air duct cleaning service, to keep your ventilation system dust and particle free for clean smooth air flow.

A specialized service that we also offer is geothermal repair for homes that utilize geothermal TECHNOLOGY systems for heating and cooling. Contact us today for the best HVAC maintenance with the friendliest service you will ever have in Texas or Oklahoma!

We also offer surge protectors that warranty the individual units or the entire home.
Give us a call for details and pricing!

NEW  HVAC/R  Surge Protection

(HVAC SYC-120/240-AC2)
$10,000 WARRANTY & Lifetime Replacement (protects everything downstream of disconnect)
Absolute Best SPDs for 120/240V, single phase condensers, air handlers and heat pumps

(Whole Home Protection SYC-120/240-T2)

$25,000 WARRANTY (Electro mechanic connected equiptment