A zone control system is a type of HVAC system where you can control the temperatures of each room (or zone) in your house. You may want to consider a zone control system if you have:

  • Infrequently used rooms
  • Rooms that heat or cool unevenly
  • People who have different temperature preferences

How will it save me money?

Home Graph with Temperature

With a zone control system, you can control the heating or air conditioning for specific rooms. This means you can leave occupied rooms at a comfortable temperature while turning off the climate control for the rest. A zone control system only uses the energy needed for the specific rooms that you choose to heat or cool. Since your system has less rooms to control, your utility bill will decrease!

If you have multiple people living in your house, you can set the house to a temperature that will use less power. Then, you can adjust each room that you’ll be using individually. For example, one member of your household can set their room to 75°F during the winter, while you keep your living room at 67° and your own room at 71°. This is more efficient than keeping your house at 67° or 71° to appease one person. Even a few degrees can make a huge difference in your heating and cooling bills!

What are other benefits of zone control?

If you have rooms that heat unevenly, a zone control system is a solution to that problem. For example, if you keep your house set to 75°F during the summer, some rooms may be hotter. A zone control system will adjust itself and blow more cold air into the hotter rooms.

Comfortable Sleep with Climate Control

Do you hate waking up to an icy cold bedroom in the winter, while you can only fall asleep in cooler temperatures? With a zone control system and a programmable thermostat, you can schedule your thermostat. This allows you to put only your room at a cooler temperature at night and a warmer temperature in the morning. Then, program your system to turn off when you’re at work and on again to a comfortable temperature by the time you get home! Little tricks like this both save you money and improve the comfort of your home.

What types of zone control systems are there?

Ductless A/C and Heating

Mini Split / Ductless

Ductless units are the masters of zone control. These room-by-room units have a thermometer built in along with a remote that makes controlling the temperature easy. You can add a ductless or mini split unit to your house without worrying about your existing system.

Damper for Conventional Systems

Conventional with Damper

Already have central air? Add dampers and more thermostats to get zone control! Dampers can be adjusted manually or electronically to control the temperature of the rooms. Electronic dampers will work with various thermostats to regulate the air coming through.

Example of a smart vent

Smart Vents

Smart vents are a new product that have been introduced to add zone control to ANY home. They work with your WiFi to communicate to each other on how to open or close the vent. These systems aren’t recommended due to the additional strain it puts on your system. See below on why this method might be bad for your system.

Why Not Close the Register?

Air Vent

As discussed in the ‘Smart Vents’ section, you don’t want to put additional strain on your system. Your HVAC system is designed for the amount of ductwork and vents in your house. Closing your vent may add additional pressure which can damage your system or ductwork.



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